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OPTA Products

Extend application capabilities without program modifications.

Online Process Tracer and Analyzer ( OPTA )

The OPTA online process tracer and analyzer highlights TANDsoftís expertise with interception technology. Our OPTA intercept engine includes an API that allows developers to write custom code to easily extend the capabilities of all HPE Nonstop applications. The OPTA suite includes a variety of interception and trace utilities. The OPTA products include Process Stack Monitor, Process Trace, Recycle Bin, Low Pin Optimizer and EMS Alerts.

Process Stack Monitor

Use this OPTA utility in development and testing environments to analyze an applicationís stack usage for memory shortages within the call stack. Programmers get a clear snapshot of all their programs on one screen and can evaluate trace files globally or one file at a time. With Process Stack Monitor, programs donít abend, unscheduled downtime is avoided, and users arenít inconvenienced.

OPTA Process-Trace

OPTA Process-Trace seamlessly intercepts and traces procedure calls made to the NonStop Kernel operating system. Among other uses, it captures and records transaction flows and statistics, prevents deadlock situations, detects memory leaks, sets system procedure breakpoints, and adds user exits to procedure invocations.

Recycle Bin

Add Recycle Bin to your system for fast retrieval of your files. Purged files are stored in Recycle Bin until you decide to restore them or to delete them permanently. When Recycle Bin fills up, it automatically cleans out enough space to accommodate the most recently deleted files. Files can be compressed, and different Recycle Bin sizes can be specified as a percentage of the disk capacity.

Low Pin Optimizer

Managed ineffectively, NonStop Low-PIN (0 through 254) processes disrupt application environments and create operational bottlenecks. Low-PIN Optimizer automatically redirects and balances low-PIN process creation across a serverís CPUs to ensure efficient allocation of system resources. It reduces low-PIN process creation failures by monitoring low-PIN processes in each CPU. When a CPU maximizes its low-PINs, process creations are redirected to a CPU with available low PINs.

EMS Alerts Online Startup and Termination Capture Utility

EMS Alerts traces an applicationís startup and termination calls via EMS messages. When an application starts, EMS Alerts will display the Startup, Assign, and Param messages plus the process Defines used by the executing application. Prior to application termination, EMS Alerts will generate an EMS message as well as invoke a trigger for follow-on processing via a customer-provided user exit. Custom metadata can be added to application program object files.

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