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Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit

Migrate Enscribe applications and files to NonStop SQL.

TANDsoft’s new Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit offers a flexible, affordable alternative to more expensive conversion products or manual conversion techniques. Taking advantage of our proven OPTA2000 intercept capability, the Enscribe-2-SQL Toolkit permits easy conversion of Enscribe calls to SQL/MP or SQL/MX statements. No changes to Enscribe applications are necessary. For complex operations and maximum performance, TANDsoft’s toolkit library includes an API that enables the mapping of specific Enscribe operations to the desired SQL operations. As a result, the full conversion flexibility otherwise available only with manual conversion is retained.

Features and Benefits

  • Available on all HPE NonStop servers
  • Offers unlimited conversion flexibility
  • Automatically generates equivalent dynamic SQL/MP statements to access the SQL database
  • Supports SQL/MP and SQL/MX
  • Custom SQL statements can be coded with the toolkit API for complex operations and maximum performance
  • Supports full Enscribe API
  • No privileged code required
  • Permits file-by-file and application-by-application incremental migration
  • Supports joins and other complex set operations for maximum performance
  • Supports static and dynamic SQL


E2S-Lite enables efficient, low-cost Enscribe modifications without the need to change any source code or even to have access to source code. It offers an attractive alternative to the additional costs, time, and staff resources required to recompile and test every program that must access a modified Enscribe file. E2S-Lite works with in-house applications, HPE products, and third-party solutions such as Base24.

Normally, when an Enscribe field format is changed, all Enscribe programs that access the new file format are impacted and have to be modified. But with E2S-Lite, only the programs that require the new file format are modified. All other programs can continue to operate with the old file format because E2S-Lite lets developers generate a single, format-altering conversion module that is attached to every affected program. When a program makes an API procedure call – Open, Read, Write, Update, etc. - to access an Enscribe file, E2S-Lite seamlessly intercepts the call and invokes the conversion module to restructure the data into a format that the program can understand.

E2S-Lite functionality assists with a variety of Enscribe modifications, including Enscribe file locking, Enscribe file auditing, and other format conversions.

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